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Radfreezer, LLC, located in Millis, Massachusetts, is owned and operated by Emily Nalder, B.S.M.E. With 20 years of refrigeration experience, my focus is on designing, testing, and troubleshooting refrigeration systems in test lab environments and live systems in the field. Designing and troubleshooting challenging refrigeration systems is my expertise!

Troubleshooting refrigeration can be challenging. Every system is unique, and it is a closed loop where one component can drive another making it hard to find the culprit. Most of my experience is with complex -80˚C cascade systems, no system is too challenging. Analysis is fully customized based on the type of system, components, and usage. In many cases this can be done remotely with a logged file of data points and a refrigeration schematic.

Radfreezer offers new designs, supporting new mechanical engineers, collaborating with technicians, project management, feasibility studies, reliability analysis, and sales initiatives. If it involves refrigeration, it is on the table for discussion.

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